Relearning How to Write

I can still remember the first time I became enthusiastic about writing. I was about nine and, being home-schooled, my mom gave me an assignment to write about a Thomas Kinkade painting that hung above the piano in our living room. It was a simple, peaceful picture of a stone bridge over a quiet stream – the perfect picture for a poet. But I was no poet. In fifteen minutes I had a wolf chasing me across the bridge in a wild tale of desperate escape. I remember thinking I was so clever to  come up with what seemed to my nine-year-old brain to be a remarkably interesting story from a remarkably boring (again, in the view of a nine-year-old) picture. Thus the spark was lit. But I continued with my daily journaling with no concrete thoughts on how to better my scribblings.

Later, in the seventh grade, I took a DVD writing course. The teacher wanted exactly what I wanted – he wanted every word and sentence I wrote to be interesting. With newfound guidance I wrote essays on inspired topics such as what types of music plants favor (Did you know that plants lean toward music they “like” and away from music they “dislike”? I know! It fascinated me too!) and how ants fared navigating mazes to get to their colonies. Aside from the riveting material, I learned many practical lessons about writing and my enthusiasm for the subject grew. Due to this course and a mom who is an English major and reading enthusiast, I began writing short stories and songs, and posting on other people’s blogs.

But as the years passed, I began getting part time jobs, started having weekly commitments, grew busier in school… In short, writing became something I enjoyed doing but never did. We all have something; that interest about which we say, “I should get back to that someday.”

Writing is mine. Today is the day. This blog is my attempt to polish up a skill I love as I share with you the joys and challenges of being married, living abroad, and trying to glorify God day by day.

Thank you for reading. =D


2 thoughts on “Relearning How to Write

  1. Hi Minnie, I’ve just read your first post (and a few others). I’m looking forward to reading some more. I’m a teacher of English to newly arrived students in Australia and I’m also doing a writing course online. My blog is part of my course as I hope to work more on my writing too.


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