God’s Funny Bone – ch 4

Phil attends his first Bible study where he meets with confusion...and Daniel's sister.


July 4th Where Fireworks Were Invented

Having lived in China since I was eleven, I have the unique opportunity and privilege to see the world and my own country with a broader view. In both America and China, patriotism runs high in the majority of the population. Watching the 2008 Olympics with our local friends was quite an exciting affair. Each … Continue reading July 4th Where Fireworks Were Invented

Help Me Write?

Hello dear readers! I appreciate each of you and I am sorry that I haven't been around lately to follow your amazing stories and write more of my own. Mickey and I just moved, so there's been a lot of packing and unpacking, also I've been dealing with personal fatigue and stress, so blogging took … Continue reading Help Me Write?