Life is a Tight Rope

Don't fall off!


July 4th Where Fireworks Were Invented

Having lived in China since I was eleven, I have the unique opportunity and privilege to see the world and my own country with a broader view. In both America and China, patriotism runs high in the majority of the population. Watching the 2008 Olympics with our local friends was quite an exciting affair. Each … Continue reading July 4th Where Fireworks Were Invented

Little Stars

Found this waaay back in my notes. (the second of 689, I believe) I wrote this little poem when I was in my teens. If I remember correctly it was a song at the time, but I don't recall the tune. It's not a work of art by any stretch, but it expresses my heartfelt … Continue reading Little Stars


Blindly Winning My Heart

You don't have to see to believe - How a young boy won my heart and I won his trust.