God’s Funny Bone – ch5

Chapter 5 – Growing Faith

Think it over Phil did. All week long his mind was occupied with thoughts and questions about Thursday’s lesson. He periodically thumbed through the Bible Daniel had given him, lingering on any verses about God’s creative works. 
He found other elements of theology easier to believe, but evolution was so ingrained in him that it was hard to wrap his mind around any other option. If creation was incorrect, he reasoned, then everything from the Exodus to the resurrection must be made up as well. If it WAS correct, however, it logically followed that the rest was true. 
So after school hours he dug into passages like Psalms 139, Colossians 1:15-17, John 1:1-3, and the first three chapters of Genesis. He would sit at the table in his dorm room with his Bible and science books side-by-side, seeing if and how they fit together. Surprising himself, he realized that he was studying to find the truth or error of the Bible more avidly than he had ever studied anatomy, biology and chemistry. That was saying a lot. 
Each day Phil found more evidence that the Bible’s account was indeed true, and that he may have been believing in a myth since elementary school. The day before Daniel’s second study, Phil found a passage which caused him to put away all doubts. 
As he paged through the Word that morning, he landed in Job 38. Instantly as Phil read, verses started popping off the page and he knew that after hours of study he had finally found the answers he was looking for in a most unexpected manner. 
Job 38:4-5 Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. 5 Who determined its measurements – surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it?
Job 38:12 Have you commanded the morning since your days began, and caused the dawn to know it’s place, 
Job 38:18-21 Have you comprehended the expanse of the earth? Declare, if you know all this. 19 Where is the way to the dwelling of light, and where is the place of darkness, 20 that you may take it to its territory, and that you may discern the paths to its home? 21 You know, for you were born then, and the number of your days is great!
Phil read on and on through similar verses until he finished God’s words to Job. How humbled Phil was afterwards! He finally realized how extremely arrogant and silly it was to question the one who had fashioned him! Humility, therefore, rather than finding a certain convincing piece of evidence, was the final piece of the puzzle for Daniel. Evidence he had found in plenty already, but it was these verses that changed his mind and crept into his heart. 
He was not around when the world came into existence. All he could do was take God’s word at face value. He realized that he could do that, after finding scientific support phenomena such as the flood and creation. And now he realized he should do that, because who was he to question the One who was there at the beginning? 
After Phil had made up his mind on these hotly contended passages, he decided that the rest of the Scriptures were now confirmed. He was horrified at first, because he knew now that hell and eternity away from the One who ordered all things was a reality for sinful man – people like him.  

But then he remembered the Gospel’s message that those who repented of their evil deeds and believed in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for sins were promised an eternity WITH the Savior in paradise! 
No longer hesitant, Phil bowed his head over his books, confessing his unbelief and wrongdoing. He thanked God for sending Jesus to redeem sinners, giving them a future and a hope. Phil praised Him for the wonders of His creation, and told the Lord of his resolve not to fall into any more delusions that took Christ off of His throne. Finally, Phil thanked God for preparing a place for him in heaven where he could eternally worship the Lord. 
Not awkwardly this time, Phil ended this life-changing prayer with a reverently whispered, “Amen”.

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