God’s Funny Bone – ch2

Chapter 2 – Growing Up
Due to the unique origin of Phil’s name -he had to explain the meaning to younger kids all the time growing up – and a natural gifting in that area, Phil chose science as his major. He was especially interested in skeletal anatomy. 

Hoping to be a science teacher someday, Phil blossomed as a scholar, spending nearly all of his free time in his books. Besides anatomy, he grew in understanding of botany, physiology, ecology, and other complex branches of his chosen field. His professors wondered that his head was showing no sign of growth as his knowledge daily expanded. 

His reputation as a prankster held fast throughout his college years. What free time he did not spend behind the written page, he used by tying the head football player’s shoestrings together before practice, putting itching powder in his roommates’ beds, adding salt to the morning brew of coffee, (after pouring a cup for himself, of course) til his classmates learned to become extra vigilante in his presence. 

Despite his teasing, however, Phil was quite the favorite on campus. And why not when he happily employed himself helping his new friends when a subject stumped them and sharing laughs over coffee – salted or black? 

He was a favorite with his teachers as well, but none of his classmates begrudged him. It was well-known that he studied twice as hard as anyone else in school. His roommates wondered how he could be brimming with extra energy all the time – since they always went to sleep before him and got up after him. Some wondered if he needed sleep at all. They never caught him napping. 

Another question buzzing around was whether anyone could catch up with him academically. It seemed an impossibility because he was just so darn PASSIONATE! How could anyone compete with that? 

They would soon find out. 


7 thoughts on “God’s Funny Bone – ch2

  1. Hi Minnie, I’d love to see some dialogue or action in your writing. So far you have used a lot of description, which is fine, but I’d love to see Phil interacting with other characters too.

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