Why do you post what you post & read what you read?

There is so much content out their, in your head, from media, even just on WordPress. So what makes you click what you click and type what you type? 

Another way to ask, I suppose, would be – what inspires you? 

I’d love to hear!


22 thoughts on “Why do you post what you post & read what you read?

  1. Helping, guiding and connecting with people who can relate to my blog topics, with the anticipation of hearing their experiences and sharing our stories. That’s what inspires me. My topics come from my own experiences, or other people’s who I have observed. That’s what inspires me to write.

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  2. For years I sent out my observations or silly stories to a big group via email. There were hardly ever any comments. I was ready to have a conversation, and no one would talk. Every person had requested to be on my list, so I wasn’t hounding people unmercifully. Now with blogging, people respond quickly. Even a “like” is a pleasant response. These wonderful people live all around the globe. I love reading what they have to say as they share their lives. There is NOTHING like blogging!

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    • I agree. This is a wonderful community. Not like so many sights where people are metaphorically trying to claw each other’s eyes out. I haven’t seen an unpleasant word yet! I’m glad you’re getting a chance to converse!

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  3. Hi!
    Its lovely to meet you and I like your site!
    I have just started my blog this week and already I’m finding that people are very friendly, encouraging and positive.
    I enjoy reading posts that inspire and motivate me in my Christian walk and I guess I want to do the same through the things I write.
    I also like the fact that you can respond directly to people and make new friends across the globe! Blogging really is a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. This is a really interesting question; it depends, for me. Usually I read blogs as a form of distraction or escapism, so I like to read light-hearted things such as fashion and reviews and journal type posts, but I also love reading them for inspiration so really artistic posts are great for me too ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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  5. Interesting question. I like reading about emotional health and how people handle life’s challenges in general (aside from poetry). I try to make time to read through posts to encourage others. And I write motivational things too. I also write about my personal journey…

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