Little Stars

Found this waaay back in my notes. (the second of 689, I believe) I wrote this little poem when I was in my teens. If I remember correctly it was a song at the time, but I don’t recall the tune. It’s not a work of art by any stretch, but it expresses my heartfelt love for kiddoes. I hope this little ditty makes you smile. 🙂
I went out to the park today 

Saw a couple ‘o’ kiddies at play

Loved watching their charming games

Wanted to match faces with names 
Here’s what I was askin’ myself 

Gazing down at one chubby-faced elf 

What will he grow up to be…

When he’s about as old as me? 
Will he go to outer space? 

Will he be a star? 

Looking at that clever face 

I can’t imagine he won’t go far
I saw a little girl in pink 

Here is what she made me think 

What kinda woman will she be 

A bright future do I foresee
Will she be decked out in lace? 

Will she be a star? 

Looking at her youthful face 

I can’t imagine she won’t go far 
She flies a kite while he plays ball

For their age they seem so tall

As I watch their joyful play 

A greater question comes my way 
Will she be a woman of grace? 

Will he be a Christian? 

They start a playful game of chase 

As I begin to pray for them 
Lord help that little movie star

Lord help my space man 

To turn to You, confess their sin 

Just as quickly as they can 

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