Pro Bono Editing

I don’t know about you, but several times I’ve visited blogs and read posts where the writer has great content but has a few spelling and/or grammar issues mixed in. I don’t blame them. We all make mistakes and I used to be a horrible speller, but out of a desire to be helpful I’m tempted to post a comment to correct their mistake(s). 

Maybe you’ve had the same urge. You’re not being superior or critical, you just want to give a fellow writer a hand. But it’s so…AWKWARD. What if they take it wrong? What if others take it wrong? What if they think you’re just stuck up and nosy? 

But I do sincerely want to help anyone who would appreciate it. So, on a first-come-first-serve basis, (time permitting) I’m giving a standing offer to edit up to five posts daily (one post per person). 

Now I’m not perfect either. I may miss something. Each writer seems to have a blind spot for one grammatical issue or other  But I promise I will DO MY BEST. And I’m guessing I’ll weed out most mistakes that others would notice. 

As the title says, it’s free, so I expect no payback. Even if you never follow me or like my posts or give any constructive criticism and you ask for help ten days in a row, I’ll give it and I won’t give you flack about it. I’m not saying I’ll complain if you DO show a little appreciation. 😉 I just want to make WordPress a little better place. 

Can anyone tell me if there is a private message feature so that I can help people without other readers seeing? Thanks!

P.S. I live in China, so due to time differences you may not get an immediate response if you send me a post to edit. Thank you for understanding. ❤

49 thoughts on “Pro Bono Editing

  1. Is this still on? Can you have a look at my page please? I try one post a day every weekday. You could look at the day’s post if this kind offer is still on. And this is a great way to help. Thanks for thinking about it.

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    • Hey. I just read your request. I’m not as available as I was before for regular editing, but I read your most recent post and have a few suggestions, though it was generally well-written. First, I would recommend editing your second sentence to make it shorter or perhaps change it to two sentences. It’s a bit long. In your second paragraph you say, “and move to the next one”, maybe “then move on to the next thing” would be smoother. In your third paragraph you said “overtime he visited”. I think you mean, “every time he visited”? Perhaps “fragile things” or “fragile items” or “breakables” would fit the tone of your story better than “fragile stuff”. “Avesh came over when Ria’s friend, Pratyush, was visiting” would be preferable to using “came over” and “had come over” in the same sentence. The last sentence could be edited to, “now channeled into ballet with its intensely slow….” I’m not sure if my app isn’t showing your whole story or is it supposed to end with, “furious pirouettes and jetes…”? I don’t see a more button, but it doesn’t feel complete. I liked the premise of the story, an energetic boy finding an outlet for his energy in dance. In choosing ballet you also brought the element of his boldness in pursuing a field which may be controversially viewed for men. Keep on writing!

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