Pro Bono Editing

I don’t know about you, but several times I’ve visited blogs and read posts where the writer has great content but has a few spelling and/or grammar issues mixed in. I don’t blame them. We all make mistakes and I used to be a horrible speller, but out of a desire to be helpful I’m tempted to post a comment to correct their mistake(s). 

Maybe you’ve had the same urge. You’re not being superior or critical, you just want to give a fellow writer a hand. But it’s so…AWKWARD. What if they take it wrong? What if others take it wrong? What if they think you’re just stuck up and nosy? 

But I do sincerely want to help anyone who would appreciate it. So, on a first-come-first-serve basis, (time permitting) I’m giving a standing offer to edit up to five posts daily (one post per person). 

Now I’m not perfect either. I may miss something. Each writer seems to have a blind spot for one grammatical issue or other  But I promise I will DO MY BEST. And I’m guessing I’ll weed out most mistakes that others would notice. 

As the title says, it’s free, so I expect no payback. Even if you never follow me or like my posts or give any constructive criticism and you ask for help ten days in a row, I’ll give it and I won’t give you flack about it. I’m not saying I’ll complain if you DO show a little appreciation. 😉 I just want to make WordPress a little better place. 

Can anyone tell me if there is a private message feature so that I can help people without other readers seeing? Thanks!

P.S. I live in China, so due to time differences you may not get an immediate response if you send me a post to edit. Thank you for understanding. ❤


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